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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Deals from eCost

256MB Secure Digital (SD) Card

256MB Secure Digital (SD) Card
- $4.00 after rebate - For digital devices such as MP3's, PDA's, handhelds, and digital cameras that have a Secure Digital (SD) card slot.

M3000 Bluetooth Headset

M3000 Bluetooth Headset
$35.00 - The M3000 has up to eight hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time and a noise-canceling microphone that reduces background noise.

SONY Noise-Canceling Headphones ( SONY Refurbished Model MDR-NC6 ) - Qty Limited

SONY Noise-Canceling Headphones ( SONY Refurbished Model MDR-NC6 ) - Qty Limited

Albert Einstein Action Figure - $7.99
Albert Einstein Action FigureAlbert Einstein Action FigureMarch 14th is Pi Day & Also Albert E's Bday!. Dressed for intense classroom action, this Albert Einstein Action Figure stands with a piece of chalk in his hand, poised to explain relativity or do battle with the forces of entropy...

Sylvania 6620LE 20" Flat-Panel LCD TV $479.99
'SylvaniaSylvania 6620LE 20" Flat-Panel LCD TV - 47% off list price - $479.99 - This makes a great TV for the kitchen, office, or spare bedroom. Slim-profile LCD television compatible with 480p/1080i video signals; 24.5 x 19.2 x 10.6 inches (W x H x D). High (500 cd/m2) brightness, high (500:1) contrast ratio; wide viewing angles (170 by 155 degrees, horizontal/vertical). Includes 181-channel NTSC tuner and a 3-line digital comb filter to remove blurred edges between colors. MTS/SAP stereo sound with 2 elliptical speakers; RF, composite-video, S-video, and component-video inputs. Full-function remote control, V-Chip parental controls

DVD Sale at starting March 7
2 DVDs For $15 at! Ends 3-21-2005

2 DVDs for $25 at! Ends 4-5

Oscar Winners & Nominees on DVD up to 40% Off Ends 3-30

Buy Bambi + any Other Disney DVD and Save $3 Instantly exp 3/31

Save $5.00 on any order from Gadget Universe

Friday, March 04, 2005
Netgear MR814 802.11b Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router - $19.99 after rebate
Netgear MR814 802.11b Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL RouterNetgear MR814 802.11b Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router - $19.99 - These things get cheaper and cheaper. I paid almost $300 for my first Linksys wireless access point 5 years ago; and it was not even a router! Connect to a cable/DSL modem and get wired or wireless Internet access for all your computers. Compatible with most 802.11b wireless networking devices. Firewall, 128-bit Encryption, Parental controls. Smart Wizard automatically detects ISP type, Port Range Forwarding, Exposed Host (DMZ), URL Content Filtering, E-mail Alerts, and Wireless MAC Address Authentication.

Rio Cali 256 MB Sport MP3 Player - $99.98
Rio Cali 256 MB Sport MP3 PlayerRio Cali 256 MB Sport MP3 Player - $99.98 - This is a good deal on the Rio Cali MP3 with 256MB of storage. This is the player that I have and I'm pretty pleased with it. It comes with an arm strap and case so that you can easily wear it to the gym, jogging, or skiing (which I do). The headphones are not the greatest, but they work good for my purposes. I'm usually listening to the Goo Goo Dolls or Linkin Park, not the London Symphony Orchestra. :-) For me, 256MB of storage is a LOT of music. Player runs for a long time on a single AAA battery. And this is far cheaper than what I paid for this player over a year ago!

USB Glowing Snowman
USB Glowing SnowmanUSB Glowing Snowman - $9.99 - One more thing you can power with your USB port! LED cycles through 4 colors. Dimensions: 2.15" dia x 4.5" high. A great desktop addition, sure to put you in a happy mood. The LEDs glow through 4 color changes. Think snow!

Dell Coupon Codes for March 4

Dell Business Weekly Promo

Here are the latest Dell Coupon Codes. These expire in the next few days or a maximum number of uses. Logon to your account and add them to your My Coupons list to see specific usage rules.

$300 off $899 Dimension Desktops - $RMX4WCJ8P7VTX
20% off $2000 PowerEdge Servers - 0QXC5HLHQP9NBB
30% off $4000 PowerEdge Servers - $PWXFMT7JSVCT2
30% off $999 Inspiron Notebooks - 639LN2KXQ?Z11Q
25% off $1399 Inspiron Notebooks - HFDT8WGQKLTD4V
$125 off Dell 19" LCD TV's - 631$LGWT6XGQ30
$525 off Dell 26" LCD TV's - 6R4HPQ55X6W2MV
$550 off Dell 30" LCD TV's - BP2Q1T172Q2896
$325 off Dell 42" ED Plasma TV's - WNTF1N2MKQ75FC
$600 off Dell 42" HD Plasma TV - G$7?M040H93ZT0
$300 off Dell PowerEdge SC420 Server - 22D7H7VMB2VC90
$25 off refurbished Dimension 3000 or 4700 - 8RH4J9F4Z27RDD

Here are the current Dell promotions (no code required)
FREE CD /DVD Combo Upgrade on Select Notebooks

Up to $200 off Select Desktops! Limited time offer

$750 off select PowerEdge Servers! Limited Time

Up to 25% off Dell All-In-One Printers!

FREE Flat Panel Monitor with select Dell PCs!

Free 3-5 Day Shipping! Sorry, folks in Hawaii, this deal does not apply to us.

Additional Deals

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Microsoft OneNote 2003 - (Get $15.00 back after rebate)
Microsoft OneNote 2003 [Capture all your information in one place]Microsoft OneNote 2003 - I have always been skeptical about OneNote's potential market. Note taking software? Excuse me? But, the people that use it rave about it. I guess my paper notes all over my desktop might possible be organized better in another fashion. :-) Anyway, you can get OneNote 2003 if you already own another Microsoft product. Read the rebate form for more details. Capture and use notes on laptop or desktop computers or Tablet PCs. Versatility of paper notes; efficiency of digital organizational tools. Capture info in multiple ways; store in one place; easy to use. Be more productive anywhere you work with notes. Great for in meetings, classes, phone conferences, and more.

Microsoft Money 2004 Premium - $9.99
Microsoft Money 2004 Premium - $9.99 - Microsoft is practically giving away Money 2004. I guess this is a big push to get more marketshare from Quicken (which I use). I'm not ready to change to Money (Accountant uses Quicken), but if I did not already own Quicken, this would be an awesome deal. It is almost worth it to buy it just to install it and see the features.

Logitech Harmony 688 Universal Remote Control
Logitech Harmony 688 Universal Remote Control (Black)Logitech Harmony 688 Universal Remote Control (Black) - $149.94 - Get rid of 4 or 5 remote controls on your coffee table. Comprehensive remote control integrates entire home theater system with 1-button use. 4 single-touch activity buttons activate all necessary components and settings. Includes dedicated buttons for TiVo and other digital video recorders. Sets up quickly and easily with online Web wizard. No macro programming required; includes USB cable and 4 AAA batteries

Free Gel Toy
Free Gel toy sample. Weird, eh? Stress relief, pen holder, wrist rest, or whatever. It's free, though.

Philips PSC805/17 Aurilium 5.1-Channel External Sound Processor - $39.88
Philips PSC805/17 Aurilium 5.1-Channel External Sound ProcessorPhilips PSC805/17 Aurilium 5.1-Channel External Sound Processor - $39.88 - Plug-and-play external 5.1-channel audio processor for PC use. Connects to computer through USB 2.0 interface; 24-bit, 96 kHz processing. Dolby Digital and DTS decoding; compatible with stereo, 2.1, or 5.1 outputs. Runs on Windows 2000 or XP.

GigaFast 802.11b Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card - $1.75 after rebate
Gigafast WF721-AEX PC Cards / PCMCIA Modem and Network DevicesMore great deals on wireless gear. GigaFast 802.11b Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card, Model WF721-AEX - Retail from - $1.75 after rebate! Cheap! Features: Full mobility and seamless cell-to-cell roaming; Designed with integrated antenna for additional mobility.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Deals at J&R
AVAYON DVD Player at $79.88

Onkyo TX-SR602B Stereo and Home Theater Surround Sound Receiver now on Deep Discount at $349.99

Canon PowerShot SD300 Digital ELPH Camera now on Deep Discount at $319.99

BRAUN Aromaster Coffee Maker $19.88

New Video Games at MVP Baseball 2005 for PS2 $29.88

Keyhole - Your house from space!
Keyhole is a service from Google that lets you fly from space to your home town. Visit exotic locales such as Maui, Tokyo, Rome and Paris. Satellite imagery makes it real. Explore restaurants, hotels, parks and schools. This uses actual satellite photographs. I downloaded the software and fly "virtually" right down the Las Vegas strip. Hotels and casinos on both sides of me! This software is awesome. And with the click of a mouse, I can determine the latitude, longitude, AND altitude of a particular point on the map. Very, very, very cool.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Dell 24" Flat Panel Wide Screen LCD monitor - $1,043.13

Dell Software & Peripherals It is finally ready to order and ship! TheDell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24-inch Wide Aspect Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand is now orderable. 15-pin D-sub / DVI-D / S-video / Composite / Component / 4 x USB 2.0. 16.7 Million colors. Clear, sharp images at a maximum resolution of up to 1920x1200 pixels. 22" x 9" x 22" to 25" / 22.1 lbs. Wide aspect panel improves productivity with less scrolling and toggling. Supports advanced features like PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture By Picture). 4 USB 2.0 ports — two located on the side of the display for easy attachment/detachment of peripherals. 9-in-1 Flash card reader on side of the display.

Dell Coupon Codes for Tuesday
Dell Home has up to $75 off new coupon codes on Electronics and Accessories.
Expires 3/3 5:59am CT, or after 2000 uses.

General Coupon Codes:
$20 off $225 or more code: JSPTPTSSCS$DBF
$35 off $325 or more code: WZLHKVTRTZMKLC
$45 off $375 or more code: 0G?$?NDWV24$V?
$50 off $400 or more code: MW86C?9?5$J8VJ
$65 off $500 or more code: DKP4V713$BPJ19
$75 off $550 or more code: ?LBP9VN9BDDFT2

TiVo TCD54040 Series2 Digital Video Recorder - 40 Hours Capacity -$84.99 after rebate

TiVo TCD54040 Series2 Digital Video Recorder - Up to 40 Hours Capacity! - R54040 - $84.99 after rebate and activation! - TiVo DVRs are like VCRs but with a hard disk and without the hassles of videotape. Think incredible digital quality. Think automatic recordings of your favorite shows, all season long. So you can watch what you want, when you want. Plug into the future of home entertainment. The TiVo Series2 DVR comes with two USB expansion ports that let you view your digital photos, enjoy digital music and more on your TV. (Coming soon!) No more mystery tapes. All your favorite shows are neatly labeled and ready for viewing. Dozens of videotapes ' worth. TiVo is easy. TiVo is so easy, everyone in the house can use it.

Motorola MD681 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Speakerphone with Answering System and Caller ID - $49.88 after rebate
Motorola MD681 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Speakerphone with Answering System and Caller ID (Silver)Motorola MD681 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Speakerphone with Answering System and Caller ID - $49.88 (rebate involved). This is a great deal on this phone (it lists for $199.99) - 5.8 GHz digital signal; expandable to 6 handsets. Digital answering system with 3 individual mailboxes. Caller ID with visual call waiting. Speakerphone capability from handset and base unit. Selective ring tones and VibraCall alert.

SIM Card readers, backup, and storage (cell phone weenie stuff)
SIM Card Information Backup
SIM Card Information Backup
$7.95 - Allows you to back up all that important information on your cell phone's SIM card. Unless, of course, you have a "SmartPhone", in which case you can back it up to PC! :-) Cool stuff, nonetheless.

SIM Backup 168 Memory Storage
SIM Backup 168 Memory Storage
$8.90 - Easily backup your SIM data with the SIM Backup 168 Storage device! It features 16 KB internal memory, TN LCD screen, and is compatible with GSM mobile phone SIM cards.

Netgear WGB511 802.11g Wireless Networking Kit - $39.99 after rebate
Netgear WGB511 802.11g Wireless Networking KitEveryone is coming out with wireless gear bundles now! Netgear WGB511 802.11g Wireless Networking Kit - $39.99 after rebate. Supports both 11b and 11g at 2.4 GHz. Speeds of up to 54 Mbps -- up to 5 times greater than 802.11b. Shared access to Internet and resources. Double Firewall with SPI and NAT. Highest-level WEP encryption. Too bad I already have this stuff sitting around my home office.

Sony DCRPC109 Compact MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom - $649.99
Sony DCRPC109 Compact MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical ZoomSony DCRPC109 Compact MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom - Looking for a great little digital video camera? If you don't mind paying the premium, this is one of the best. Good ratings on Amazon. Sleek, compact MiniDV camcorder and digital still camera with 1-megapixel CCD. 10x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 120x) with Super SteadyShot image stabilizer. 2.5-inch rotating LCD and color viewfinder. Low-light recording settings, Memory Stick Duo slot, Handycam Station, and intelligent accessory shoe. NP-FF51 Info Lithium Rechargeable Battery. My only beef with Sony products (laptops, cameras, etc... is that they use the Memory Stick storage technology and I like the Compact Flash and Secure Digital stuff.

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