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Friday, March 18, 2005
SmartParts Digital Photo Frame - $129.99!!!!
SmartParts Digital Photo Frame at $129.99 - If you have been waiting for the digital photo frames to get cheaper, this is a great bargain. Definitely something that is going to my mom for her computer desk. Display your digital photos on this nifty digital picture frame for all the world to see. The frame reads images stored on CF, MMC or SD memory cards from an integrated card reader. You can also upload or download images between a memory card and your PC via included USB cable.

Equity SkyScan Atomic Wall Clock - $28.49
Equity SkyScan Atomic Wall Clock Equity SkyScan Atomic Wall Clock $28.49 from Amazon. Kinda cool. Automatically sets itself and displays the date and temperature, too. Neat that it does not have to set itself, it uses a radio signal from the U.S. Naval Observatory in Colorado. Unfortunately, I live outside of its range (about 2,000 miles).

Pixo Corion C700 17" LCD Monitor with Speakers - $178.98 after rebate
'PixoPixo Corion C700 17" LCD Monitor with Speakers (White) for $178.98 (after 70.00 mail-in rebate). I'm not sure who Pixo Corion is, but the monitor is dirt cheap. Almost disposable technology considering my first 17" flat panels cost $600. Decent specs, but probably a little slow if you are a gamer. Sharp 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, 0.264 mm dot pitch. 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Bright 250-nit display, rich 400:1 contrast ratio. Built-in 1-watt stereo speakers.

Velocity DVD+R 4.7GB, 120-minute 8x - $26.99
Velocity DVD+R 4.7GB, 120-minute 8x (100-pack Spindle)Velocity DVD+R 4.7GB, 120-minute 8x (100-pack Spindle) for $26.99. I can remember when blank DVD+R's were $5.00. And that was less than 3 years ago. Oh, wait, I can remember when blank CD-R's were almost $15!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Ambient Office Dashboard - $149.99
Ambient Office Dashboard - $149.99 - Okay, at first, I could not figure out what in the world this little puppy did. All I can think of is Tom Paris' idea of what the Delta Flyer's instrument panels should look like (if you don't get that reference, then you are not a real geek!!!). I'm reasonably sure that this thing does not really do anything, but I'm tempted to get one for my desk at work. Well, if I *had* a desk. Analog aesthetic meets digital information with the Ambient Office Dashboard. The Dashboard operates wirelessly and displays real-time, at-a-glance information customized to your world. Simply select the details that you wish to track — stocks, weather, traffic, and more — and watch as the world streams in. It can simultaneously track three different pieces of data and display them in an analog format.

TIX Led Clock - $59.99
TIX Led ClockTIX Led Clock at - $59.99 - Millions of patterns are possible with the futuristic-looking Tix clock, yet the clock is extremely simple to read once you grasp the basic concept. The four seperate fields act like the four digits of a digital clock. The value of each digit is simply the number of illuminated squares in each field. So any given time of the day may have thousands of different ways of displaying the time. The perfect "cubicle" conversation piece.

Verbatim CD-R 80MIN 700MB Digital Vinyl CD-R 25pk Spindle - $7.99
Verbatim CD-R 80MIN 700MB Digital Vinyl CD-R 25pk SpindleSearching around for nifty things, I stumbled across Verbatim CD-R 80MIN 700MB Digital Vinyl CD-R 25pk Spindle at Amazon. At first, I said to myself "Self, what the heck is 'digital vinyl'". Then, I realized that they were CD-R's. So, I said, "Darn, $7.99 is pretty expensive for a 25-pack of CD-R's". Then, I looked closer at the picture. Cute gimmick. Neat media for music. Certainly worthy of a geeky bargain.

FREE Laser Pointer
Spend $25 or more at ThinkGeek and get a FREE Laser PointerGet a free Laser Pointer from ThinkGeek.Com
- The catch? You need to order at least $25.00 of paying merchandise. When you check out, enter the code "LASER" during checkout.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Lexmark X75 All-In-One Printer - $49.99
Lexmark X75 All-In-One Printer
Lexmark X75 All-In-One Printer
$57.99 (while supplies last!) - I'm in the market for a new printer. I have decided to once again try for something that will do printing, scanning, and copying. This is a great price, but it is an ink jet printer and I'm very fond of lasers.

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