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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Treo 600 Smartphone GSM Mobile Phone Unlocked - $299 after special code
Treo 600 smartphone
Treo 600 Smartphone GSM Mobile Phone Unlocked
- $329.00, but save $30.00 when using the code GEEKTREO (and get free shipping!) This Treo 600 Smartphone from palmOne provides nearly everything you need - all in a single device! It seamlessly combines a full-featured mobile phone and Palm Powered organizer, with wireless email and text messaging, web browsing and even a digital camera! And this incredible device is so small it fits neatly into your purse or pocket. Simplify your life - order this Treo 600 Smartphone today! Just take your SIM from your existing GSM cell phone and pop it in to this puppy and you are ready to go.

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