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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Soyo TechAid PCI Diagnostic Card - $25.95
Soyo TechAid Diagnostic Card
Soyo TechAid Diagnostic Card
- $25.95 - Ever wonder what those beeps are that a computer spits out when there is something SERIOUSLY wrong? They are codes that tell a technician what is wrong. This little puppy lets an experienced PC technician plug in to the PCI bus of a compuer, boot the 'puter, and read the problem code off of the LED screen. This is a must for any hard core computer builder or problem solver. The Soyo TechAID Diagnostic Card is an efficient way to detect computer hardware problems. Simply plug it into the PCI slot and a complete diagnostic test will detect the defective hardware. This debugging card will assist any technician (from novice to advance user) in accurately locating a hardware problem faster, by displaying an easy-to-follow POST (Power On Self Test) code on its display.

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