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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Free boxes and shipping supplies!
Okay, I know this is not a very exciting post, but I'm pretty impressed with the U.S. Postal Service. In the past, they have been very stingy with their Priority and Express mail supplies when I have gone in to the post office. Now, you can order Priority and Express mail supplies (they can only be used with the U.S. Post Office, though).

Plus, now you can print out postage online, get low priority shipping rates on "fixed postage" boxes, etc... They are now just as easy to use as FedEx and UPS. And the pricing is pretty competetive.

For supplies, go to the Postal Service Store where you can get boxes, shipping tape, and, of course, buy stamps. Once you have an account, you can buy postage and print labels. Very cool and convenient. Even price competetive for using it from Hawaii. Time to start selling some junk I have around the house on E-Bay!

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