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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Tech Blowouts Sale for Sunday

TechBlowouts.comMicrosoft MN-610 Wireless Kit 802.11b Cable/DSL Router + 4-Port Switch and Wireless USB Adapter
$57.78 - The kit includes a Microsoft Wireless Base Station and a Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter. The Microsoft easy-to-use setup software makes it easy for you to connect multiple wired and wireless computers in your home or small office to the Internet through a single broadband connection, such as a cable or DSL modem.

TechBlowouts.comXtreme Toys - Remote Controlled F1 Grand Prix Car 1/8 Scale
$37.78 - The 1/8 Scale remote control F1 Grand Prix Car has a high speed electric motor, proportional steering and speed control and is capable of speeds up to 20mph! The independent suspension and road-hugging rubber racing tires provide remarkable control and all of the excitement and thrills of realistic racing!

TechBlowouts.comGravis Blackhawk Digital Joystick
$6.00 (after rebate) - 100% digital response lets you move, aim, fire, and score like never before. Programmable fire buttons, rotary throttle, and an 8-way hat switch put you totally in command.

TechBlowouts.comTotally Voice
$20.00 - The NEXT great innovation in computing IMHO is voice recognition. This is what they say about their software: Meet Marnee, the Totally Voice interactive speech assistant. With Marnee, you can put your keyboard and mouse aside and manage your appointments, to-do lists, and more--hands free. I'm tempted to check this out, but I suspect there are too many variables for today's CPUs, disks, and memory to adequately handle in voice recognition, but true computer voice recognition is not too far away.

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